Structured Cabling

               In today’s modern business, effective and efficient communication systems are necessary to excel in a particular industry. Moving systems (relocating), changing phone connections or system downtime affects the productivity of the business. Shree Sai Technologies helps in eliminating such kind of inconvenience in the day-to-day activities of your business.  Shree Sai Technologies also provide their services to all type of structured cabling services. Our technologies provide the best voice, video and data services among the players of Structured Cabling Companies in Chennai.

Network cabling standards are used internationally and are published by ISO/IEC, CENELEC and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Building Industry Consulting Service International is a recognized independent trainer of structured cabling installers with manufacturer independent design and installation best practice documents, it also plays a major role along with industry leaders in developing and designing the US standards.

- ANSI/TIA-568-C.0, Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises, 2009 - ANSI/TIA-568-C.1, Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard, 2009 - ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunication Cabling and Components Standard, published 2009 - ANSI/TIA-568-C.3, Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard, published 2008, plus errata issued in October, 2008. - TIA-569-B (2004; AMD 1 2009) Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces - ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A-2002, Administration Standard for Commercial Telecommunications Infrastructure.

               Companies that have this type of cabling networks (for predicting the performance) and structuring allows us to easily add, move or alter the maximization of the availability of the resources.

It forms the basis of the telecommunication system in our day to day operations of the business. Our structured cabling system is unique because the methods and the techniques we tend to use and maintenance of cabling installations are standardized when we relatively compare with other Structure Cabling Companies.

               We give more importance to the standardization of these installations because we take the responsibility of fulfilling the needs of system performance in increasingly complex arrangements.    

Easy and Affordable solution

               A structured cabling system has the capability to support the distinct requirement from various clients of the network. This is one of the affordable solutions for making some changes in the network architecture in an organization.

Isolation of defected system

               In Structured Cabling System, we can easily segregate the defected system, so that it does not affect the other systems in the network. The major advantage is that no blockages occur to other systems in the network.

Flexibility & Consistency

               There are different types of computers connected to the same network in your office environment; structured cabling systems provide the consistent support to all kind of systems.

Support for the Applications & Equipment

               A measurable network system is adaptable to the varying needs of the client. Installing devices to the network is also very easy. No special equipment is required to be installed. Good bandwidth of the network provides the support to hold many systems in the network.

Future proof investment

               This is one of the significant features of structured cabling system; this advantage gives a reliable infrastructure by providing bandwidth at the higher range. You will be updated with all applications in the future and it will serve as a backbone in easy development and deployment of new services.

               A structured cabling system facilitates with a single platform upon which we can build our company’s information strategy. Among many providers of the Structured Cabling Companies in Chennai, we differentiate our service by providing optimum design and installation of cabling for all our valuable clients.